Latest Five Star Review for Dadgummit

FIVE STARS. MYSTERY: Baxley Powell is just looking to spend a week with family and friends (and a few pets) camping in the mountains of North Georgia. However, the police have a different idea of how she should spend her time. Baxley has particular talents which can help the police solve the murders of several people, and they’re not going to let a little thing like the remote location get in their way. Before she knows it Baxley is reluctantly using her talents to assist in several investigations all at once.

What a great story! Ms. Toussaint has created vivid and believable characters in a paranormal setting that draws the reader into the action. The arc of the story is well thought out and the author avoids tired clichés in her treatment of all the characters. Baxley narrates the action with wit and humor as she finds herself manipulated by both human and supernatural creatures alike. The author draws from myth and legend and her boundless imagination to create a wonderful story. “Dadgummit” keeps the reader engrossed throughout each page with surprising plot twists and the author’s unique take on the paranormal genre.

Highly recommended for both fans of paranormal and for those readers who just like a great story! Gwenellen Tarbet for InD’tale Magazine