Mossy Bog titles released!

All three of my Mossy Bog Romantic suspense titles have been updated! Book 1 in the series, MUDDY WATERS, released on February 5, 2019. Now, on March 5, 2019, the other 2 books, HOT WATER and ROUGH WATERS, are coming out.

My friend Polly Iyer, who is both author and illustrator, helped with image selection and formatting of the covers. They look great, right? I LOVE these covers.

Each one of the Mossy Bog books features a different couple and a different mystery.

Muddy Waters is about Roxie and Sloan, a real estate broker and a security expert, as they hunt for his lost inheritance.

Hot Waters features Laurie Ann and Wyatt, a cop and an arson investigator, as they investigate an arsonist-turned killer.

Rough Waters tells the story of Jeanie and Rock, a florist and a former Navy SEAL, as they search for the stolen shipwreck coins.

I hope you’ll visit the book pages here on my website or click over to the vendors to pre-order your digital copy today. At this time, no print books are being issued for this series.

Rough Waters

Series: Mossy Bog
Publisher: Muddle House Publishing
Release Date: Aug 29, 2014, first edition; second edition March 5, 2019
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Available Formats: eBook

Former Navy SEAL Rock Mackenzie must recover the stolen gold sovereigns. Time is running out on the loan repayment for his treasure hunt and unless he finds the coins, he will forfeit a family heirloom and all hope of finding the sunken ship carrying the rest of the gold.

Pink-haired florist Jeanie Munro learned responsibility the hard way after her ex-husband abandoned her and their two children. Once a wild child with a heart for adventure, Jeanie finds herself falling for yet another bad boy dreamer—until thieves ransack her shop and home and Rock reveals her ex is to blame for her troubles.

In return for his protection, Jeanie agrees to help search for the missing coins. Will their thirst for adventure get them killed, or will they discover the true meaning of treasure before it’s too late?

Book 3 in Maggie Toussaint’s Mossy Bog Romantic Suspense series pairs brains and brawn in a race against time. For fans of Jayne Ann Krentz, Sandra Brown, and Karen Harper.

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© Copyright 2014 – Maggie Toussaint
“You know something, don’t you?”

He was quiet so long the hair on the back of her neck snapped to attention.

“I might,” he said.

“Tell me.”

He set his mug in the sink. “I know Avery.”

Jeanie blinked. Her blood iced. She tried a deep breath and choked on it. “You’re friends?”

“I met him in North Carolina. He told me about Mossy Bog.”

“This is about my ex-husband?” She straightened. Light glinted on the tin roof of the potting shed. The strength of the beam warmed the frost in her bones. She wasn’t sinking down to that dark place again. She wouldn’t let Avery crush her a second time. “Does he owe you money? ʼCause if he does, I’m not paying it. The bank of Jeanie is officially closed.”

Rock’s silence spoke volumes. “Oh, God. He does owe you. I’m sick and tired of this crap. Avery owes me so much it’s ridiculous. And child support. Don’t even get me started on child support. I refuse to pay another red cent of his bills. If you loaned him money, kiss it goodbye.”

Rock didn’t say anything.

Cuss words roiled in her craw like crabs in the cook pot. Jeanie glanced at the sling supporting Rock’s left arm. A horrible possibility occurred to her, a possibility so scary her vision whited out. She hung onto the kitchen counter until shapes and colors came back into view.

“Jeanie? You okay?”

If she wasn’t, she wasn’t going to let him know it. She’d learned to stand on her own two feet after Avery left. “Tell me this isn’t about your accident.”

“I can’t.”

Her knees sagged. A needle of betrayal stabbed her heart. Damn you, Avery. How many lives do you have to ruin? It wasn’t enough that you threw away me and the kids? You had to go and maim a perfect stranger?

The room began to spin. It floated in and out of focus.

Rock’s hand rested on her shoulder. “Sit,” he said. “Sit down before you pass out.”

“I’m fine.”

“I’ve had paramedic training. I know the signs. Please sit.”

Not wanting to embarrass herself further by fainting, she complied. After a few deep breaths, she braced for the bad news. “I’m all right. Tell me the whole story.”

He seemed to be holding onto the tall back of a chair. “Avery worked at Bayside Marina where I docked my charter boat. He asked a lot of questions about my charters.”

“He liked being in the know.”

The harsh planes of Rock’s beard-stubbled face tightened at that. The pink scar on his left cheek darkened. This really was about Avery.

“What happened to you?”

“My boat exploded.”

“Your boating accident? Where you got hurt?”

“I wasn’t the only one on the boat. The bomb killed my partner. I was lucky enough to be thrown free.”

Her jaw dropped. “You’re saying Avery murdered someone?”

Hot Water

Hot Water by Award-Winning Author Maggie Toussaint

Publisher: Muddle House Publishing
Release Date: March 25, 2013, First Edition; Second Edition March 5, 2019
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Available Formats: eBook
Digital: 9780999705407

Something evil lurks in this town of secrets.

Solving Mossy Bog’s first fire fatality could net police officer Laurie Ann Dinterman the promotion she desperately wants. When the state arson investigator arrives to take over the case, Laurie Ann is assigned to give the man everything he needs while keeping him alive. The fact he’s the sexiest man ever to hit town shouldn’t make a difference.

Hot on the trail of a serial arsonist, Wyatt North demands justice for his partner, the arsonist’s first victim. He’ll find the murderer or die trying—no matter how distracting the tall, lithe figure of his local partner is.

As the investigation zeroes in on a suspect uncomfortably close to Laurie Ann’s life, her cop instincts conflict with her feelings for Wyatt. Worse, the arsonist will do anything to protect his identity. Can Laurie Ann accept the truth in time…or will she and Wyatt go up in flames?

Book 2 in Maggie Toussaint’s Mossy Bog Romantic Suspense series pairs a cop and an arson investigator on the trail of a serial killer. For fans of Jayne Ann Krentz, Sandra Brown, and Karen Harper.

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© Copyright 2013 – Maggie Toussaint
Before Laurie Ann sat down again, the chief stepped out of his office and waved her over. She hurried across the narrow squad room, wondering if she’d forgotten to sign an incident report again. Had she missed an important meeting?

Worse, had Rawson’s court case ended early and she was off the arson case? She hoped not. She hadn’t downloaded her pictures of the scene yet or scanned her site sketch. She was bummed she’d missed James Brown’s autopsy, but at least his clothes had been sent to the lab for examination. If she could find the murder weapon, that promotion would be hers for sure.

“Sir?” Laurie Ann asked when he gestured her toward the chair across from his desk.

The chief settled his bulk into the creaky leather chair. “I’ve got the arson investigator holding on line three. He wants to talk to us together. You ready?” She nodded, her curiosity rising. This would be the first arson investigator she’d met. The fires around Mossy Bog and Tidewater County didn’t ordinarily attract outside attention.

Chief Tyler activated the speakerphone button. “Mr. North, I have Officer Dinterman with me in the office now.”

“Good,” North said. “Dinterman, I expect to hit the ground running when I arrive tomorrow at one p.m. I expect a briefing package with the case files and autopsy report. We’ll head out for a site tour following my review of the records. Oh, and I need all records of fires in your area for the last two years.” His deep, gravelly voice reminder her of a gunslinger, but his request loosened a bolt of panic through her bloodstream.

She exchanged a worried glance with her chief. “We don’t get called out to every fire. I’ll have to ask the fire department for those records. And the coroner’s finalizing the autopsy report.” She had other responsibilities and patrol duty tomorrow. How would she manage to collect all this information in time?

“Anything you want,” the chief said. “We’ll have those materials waiting for you when you arrive.”

“That will do it. See you folks tomorrow,” North said.

The line went dead, and Laurie Ann shifted in her seat. “He asked for a lot of information,” she began, feeling her way through the swamp of red tape. The man probably rode roughshod over anyone foolish enough to get in his way. “But I’ll make it work.”

The chief nodded. “I’ve got pressure from the top to give this guy whatever he needs, so I’m assigning your patrol shifts to Calucci. You’re assigned full time to the arson guy. We need to keep him happy, understand? Wyatt North tells you to jump, you do it, no questions asked.” She fought back a rush of excitement. With only one directive to follow, she could easily meet North’s deadline. And if he was such a by-the-book guy, she’d still have time after-hours for her scrap metals project.

“Got it.” She rose from her chair. “I’ll get started.”

“Oh, one more thing, Dinterman. That task force you put together, I’m handing that over to Harlow. I don’t want you to think about anything but this arson investigator for the next few days. Scrap metal theft is a low priority compared to catching a serial arsonist.”

Her excitement fizzled. This was her baby. “I can keep up with the task force, sir. It won’t take that much time.”

“I’ve seen how many calls you get on that. Too time-consuming for you right now.”

“This North must be the governor’s son or something,” she muttered. “Or something.”

He eyeballed her. “You’re the best we’ve got. I’m counting on you.” The unspoken message came through crystal clear. Don’t screw up.

She squared her shoulders. “I’ll do my best.” Her best. Would it be good enough for Mr. I-want-everything-right-now? Darn straight. She’d be the best babysitter he ever had.

Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters by Award-Winning Author Maggie Toussaint

Publisher: Muddle House Publishing
Release Date: February 5, 2019
Edition: Second Edition
Illustrator: Polly Iyer
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Available Formats: eBook
Real estate broker Roxie Whitaker is juggling skittish clients, an anxious bride, and her wayward brother. She’d very much like to sell some property, soothe her friend’s wedding jitters, and knock some sense into her party-boy brother’s head. Meanwhile, she needs a date for the wedding. In walks Sloan Harding, the town’s former bad boy and now an Atlanta security expert, and Roxie believes he’s the answer to her dreams.

Sparks fly as he escorts her to the wedding and asks her advice about his property. While he’s home, Sloan hunts for his missing inheritance. Sloan’s search uncovers family secrets and painful memories. To make matters worse, someone in the shadows is after his inheritance, someone who will do whatever it takes to walk away with the fortune.

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Muddy Waters wins Best Book of the Week from LASR

“Great book, wonderful mystery and a red hot love story underlying it. Roxie and Sloan really mix it up in and out of the bedroom and that is what makes for a great romance. You can’t ask for more than that now can you?” – Mary Gramlich, THE READING REVIEWER

“Toussaint’s book is a delightful, contemporary romance spiced with a mystery that keeps you guessing whether the Harding fortune exists or if it was jut a figment of a drunken imagination. Sloan and Roxie’s relationship unfolds in a natural way that draws the reader into their story. And the barriers between them and happily ever after are so organic to their personalities and their past that the reader truly wonders if these two will be able to work it out.” – Keena Kincaid, author of ENTHRALLED.

“Toussaint pens a pleasant read for a nice fall afternoon. With its home realty and repair subplot, the author obviously knows her stuff.” – Cindy Himler, ROMANTIC TIMES”

“Fantastic Read! Maggie Toussaint does an amazing job of foreshadowing as she weaves together a tapestry of suspense, mystery, small community life, and love while bringing into clear focus the overt and covert conflicts both Roxie and Sloan try to resolve. Ms. Toussaint’s writing style with superb imagery, exquisite description, and a touch of humor make Muddy Waters enthralling reading. Muddy Waters satisfies that hunger for a love that promises a happy-ever-after.” – LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS

“Five stars! A great book! I read Muddy Waters in one sitting because I didn’t want to put it down. You’ll feel the same way. The Georgia background rings true, with its small town clannish-ness, everyone knowing everyone else’s business, and never accepting that a leopard can change its spots or a miscreant should be allowed to live down his past.” – Reviewer Icy Snow Blackstone

“Muddy Waters is a fascinating story about Roxie and Sloan who both have ancestral history that intertwines as the story moves on. I thought Maggie Toussaint wrote the characters with believability that captures the hearts of readers.” – Emily, SINGLE TITLES

“Muddy Waters was a great read and I can’t help but think of it time after time even after I’m done. Toussaint’s writing is crisp and easy to read. The plot is tight, filled with plenty of twists and turns that keep the reader on their toes. One of the most endearing aspects of the story is how Toussaint captures the authenticity of small town America, giving delicious depth to the setting and characters.” – Stephanie Burkhart, author of THE GIVING MEADOW

“Five Stars! Muddy Waters is another great read from award winning Maggie Toussaint. Small town setting and attitudes color the story and carry the plot to its conclusion. You won’t want to put it down until you reluctantly turn the last page.” – Amazon Reviewer JJD

“Maggie Toussaint’s Muddy Waters is a romantic suspense novel that draws the reader into the story from the first page with the pull of the tide against the Georgia coast. This is a fun read and a delightful break from some heavy tomes.” – Nash Black, author of HAINTS


© Copyright 2010 – Maggie Toussaint

Each night he’d felt the tidal pull of the coast and the woman.

He’d known he could unlock the sexual energy that shimmered pulsed around her. They’d been magic together. He’d had great sex before, but it had never consumed him like this. He needed to see her, to fill his head with her fragrance, to drown in her tropical gaze, to hear her sigh out his name.

He wanted to sit in her cozy kitchen again. To have her take care of him, to eat the food she’d prepared for him. He loved that blue kitchen. He shook his head sadly.

“I’m losing it, bud,” he said to Mac.

Mac thumped his tail energetically.

It probably wasn’t any news to his dog that Sloan was losing it. Mac knew everything. Mac had run right into Roxie’s arms the first time he’d seen her. Mac didn’t have any embarrassing family history to overcome. Mac had taken one look at the woman and decided that he wanted her.

A man could learn a lot from his dog.

No Second Chance

No Second Chance by Award-Winning Author Maggie Toussaint


Publisher: Muddle House Publishing
This title is being reissued.
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Available Formats: eBook
Hope Farrier rescues unwanted horses, but she’s saddled with debt. Without help she’ll lose Second Chance Farm, the first home she’s ever known. An endowment brings the promise of future relief and the presence of shrewd business manager, Devlin Temple. Trouble is Devlin has his dreamy blue eyes on more than her bottom line.

Playboy Devlin Temple lays a trap for the thief that’s fleecing his company. When his cousin sets his cap for Devlin’s job, Devlin needs Hope’s help to secure the CEO position. In her arms he finds the solace he craves, but their blossoming romance prompts the thief to raise the stakes.

Will Devlin and Hope pay the ultimate price for love?

Proceeds from this book will benefit a real life horse rescue farm in Lisbon, MD. Day’s End Farm Horse Rescue rescues horses from all over the country. Their mission: Fostering compassion and responsibility for horses through intervention, education, and outreach. Visit to find out more about this worthy cause.

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No Second Chance won the Stepping Stones Magazine cover contest in August 2008.
Click here
for more information.
Thanks to artist Kimberlee Mendoza for creating such an award winning cover.
“What a totally fabulous read this was! … It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book totally in one sitting, but I just couldn’t put this one down. It is an exciting romantic suspense novel with some sensual content that is presented as a natural part of the story line. Toussaint makes the struggles and heart wrenching challenges of animal rescue work come alive through Hope, a brave and likable character who has overcome much personal adversity already in her life. Fears that she learned early haunt her, making her current situation all the more poignant. Devlin is a man with a good heart who is allowing the stresses and problems of his mother’s company to take over his life. Unlike many workaholic characters, Devlin is immediately endearing for his honorable motivations of love for his mother and desire to keep the family business stable during this time of transition and trouble. This book is a keeper for me.” — Crystal at CK2SKWIPSANDKRITIQUES, Five stars and a Recommended Read

“As romance novels go, this one is very good. Usually when reading books with horse references in them, I am driven nuts by the silly things the authors include that do not make sense to a real horse person. Maggie Toussaint, formerly of Frederick, obviously knows one end of a horse from the other. The book comes complete with handsome hero, a damsel in distress, a little mystery and a happy ending! The plot was very good and a little twist at the end was a nice surprise. A great gift for the romance lover in your life.” Caroline Del Grosso, THE EQUIERY

“…The plot is tight, slowing down in the right places to allow the reader to breath before picking up again. Hope is a likable heroine. She’s down to earth and has a hard-driving work ethic. She’s loyal to the ones she loves. Devlin is a little more complicated. His motivation is his family and his family is TES. Devlin’s not used to having deep feelings, and Hope can’t help wondering if his attraction to her is genuine or if it’s motivated by her owning a piece of his company. The supporting cast compliments Hope and Devlin well. Maggie Toussaint paints a wonderful visual of Hope and Devlin’s world using a good economy of words. Her love scenes are tasteful and not overly graphic, making the story sweet and sensual. Toussaint has an easy writing style that engages the reader. NO SECOND CHANCE is a riveting romantic suspense that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.” —Steph at Classic Romance Revival

“Wonderful, exciting and suspenseful story. I read it all in one sitting because I just had to find out who the villain was and why he wanted to harm the heroine Hope and her mistreated horses refuge. She was a caring and generous person who was prepared to make great sacrifices for the animals she loved.

Devlin the hero, was wealthy, handsome, everything a hero should be. I have to confess I didn’t like him over much for the first few pages, but I soon fell in love with him, just as Hope did. A man who was so caring and worried about his mother’s wellbeing, well it didn’t take long for me to have a change of heart.” — Margaret Tanner, author of THE TROUBLE WITH PLAYBOYS

“I’m glad I took the first chance to read No Second Chance. Caught up in their story, I read the whole book in one sitting. If you have a quiet evening to curl up with a good book and you enjoy suspense, horses, Cinderella stories or all three — this book will satisfy.” —LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS

“…an enjoyable story with a likable couple and intriguing situations.” — Sandra Garcia-Myers, ROMANTIC TIMES

“…NO SECOND CHANCE is a fabulous contemporary romance with an intriguing social issue involving the rescue of horses; in fact the book proceeds are being donated to the real Day’s End Farm Horse [sic] rescuing mission. The story line is fast-paced from the onset and never slows down until the final confrontation…” — Harriet Klausner, reviewer

“…NO SECOND CHANCE has equal parts of suspense and romance with no indication who the thief could be (Ray seems a little too obvious). Devlin and Hope are both likeable characters, and the story moves along at a good pace. It is a tale that will please most contemporary romance readers.” — Marilyn Heyman, ROMANCE REVIEWS TODAY

“Five Stars! NO SECOND CHANCE by Maggie Toussaint is a suspense driven ride through the urban Baltimore boardroom and the pastures of rural Maryland. As Hope and Devlin race to discover the unknown villain attempting to ruin both their businesses, sparks of the very best kind fly between them. I loved the unique backdrop of Second Chance Farm, a rehab. farm for old or injured horses. A great read!” – Victoria Daniels, author

“NO SECOND CHANCE sparkles and sizzles from the boardroom to the bedroom to the barn. Hope and Devlin team up on a dangerous journey to save their respective businesses while a determined villain tries to destroy them. A fast-paced story you’ll want to stay up all night reading.” – Liana Laverentz, award winning author of JAKE’S RETURN

“Corporate Boardroom meets Country! Suspense keeps you turning pages, romance keeps your heart pounding. You’ll be glad you picked up No Second Chance by Maggie Toussaint.” – M.K. Trent, author of LOCKING HORNS

“Suspense…steamy romance…a surprising twist…No Second Chance has it all. Maggie Toussaint writes a heart-warming tale that will keep you riveted and rooting for her heroine – right to the very last page.” – Karna Small Bodman, thriller author of GAMBIT




Someone was watching her.

Hope Farrier’s nerves pinged as her mount skittered across the riding ring. The prickle of awareness that slid across the back of her neck wasn’t going away.

She glanced over at the dense hardwood forest that bordered her farm. Nothing unusual there.
The thin chestnut snorted and tossed his head up, tugging the reins from her hands. “Easy, Jocko,” she crooned. “It’s all right.”

Someone was out there. She was sure of it. After another lap around the ring she had Jocko at a slow trot and risked another glance at the perimeter. No one by the woods, but a tall man in a dark business suit stood by the barn.

A business suit. Old fears resurfaced. Men in suits came from foster care. From funeral homes. From foreclosing banks. Men in suits were bad news.

He raised a hand in greeting.

She shivered. Who was he? What did he want at Second Chance Farm?