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Confound It
Book 5
The Trouble With Cupid
Lindsey and Ike Mysteries
Book 4
Dead Men Tell No Tales
Book 3
Sleuthing Women II
Book 4
Turtle Tribbles
Book 2
Book #4
Really Truly Dead
Book #1
Doggone It
Book #3
Sleuthing Women Mysteries
Cold-Blooded Noir
Bubba Done It
Book 2
Gone and Done It
Book 1
Dime If I Know
Book #3
Death Island Style
Murder In The Buff
On The Nickel
Book #2
In For A Penny
Book #1

Seeing Red

Romantic Suspense
Rough Waters
Hot Water
Muddy Waters
No Second Chance
House Of Lies

Science Fiction
Book 3
Book 2
Book 1


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